I had the opportunity to demonstrate internationally for the first time on 17th October at Bali, Indonesia at the 35th Indonesian Bonsai Society Exhibition. My self and D Ravindran, Bonsai Master from Nagercoil, India demonstrated on mature semi-trained Wax Malpighia from their local nursery at Bali. Sensei Shinichi Nakajima from Japan, Min Hsuan Lo from Taiwan, Jose from Puerto Rico and Gedemerta from Bali. A large contingent of friends from India (Mumbai, Nagercionl and Bangalore) supported and encouraged us two. Also the local bonsai artists and personalities, BCI President Tom Elias and Mrs Elias from USA, Vic Ceballos from Phillipines and many others were present. It was an enjoyable event and a moment of pride for all of us from India.



2. Wax material opposite view in nursery 3. Demo material Wax Malpighia on the turntable - clear view 5. With Master Gedemerta on my right 6a. Posing for all - Camera... Action !!! 8. Answering Master Budis' question about the design 10. Master Gedemerta explaining his demo material - a yamdori Pemphis 12. Ravindran with his demo material Wax Malpighia 14. Sensei Shinichi Nakajima explaining his approach to his demo material  - a mature Feronelia bonsai 16. Sneh Madam photographing my demo material at the start 17. Sharing my thoughts about the proposed design of my Wax demo material 19. My comments in the intermediate about the evolution of my demo material 21. Sensei Nakajima san kindly helping me with the wiring which was extensive 23. Some fine pruning and adjustment 25. Posing after the demo - A Proud Moment !!! Thanks to Bonsai Wisdom, IBS & Sneh Madam 27. A view of some of my group members from India 1. My demo material Wax Malpighia in nursery 2a. The material being placed on the turntable with Master Budi Sulistyo looking on 4. Preparing for the demo 6. Bali Ritual prior to the commencement of the demos 7. Expressing my thoughts and our thanks to PPBI 9. Budi translating my opening remarks about my demo 11. Master Min Hsuan Lo of Taiwan addressing the participants 13. Sensei Shinichi Nakajima from Japan and Ravindran 15. Ravindran looking on 17. Concentrating on wiring-still a long way to go 18. Wiring and wiring and wiring 20. Some branch repositioning after wiring. Sensei Nakajima seen partially, snipping off excess wire 22. Almost finished - Apex pruned,wired & adjusted. Also seen are Sneh Madam & others 24. Finished... Happy & Proud moments - 1st International Demo successfully completed 26. Wax - Final image after my demo in Bali Indonesia 28. The whole contingent - organisers, demonstrators and viewers

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