Welcome to the World of Bonsai – Miniature Living Trees

Bonsai is the art of growing ordinary plants, trees, shrubs, vines, etc., in shallow pots and can be practiced by anyone with a little time and a modicum of common aesthetic sense. The fascination of bonsai is capturing the imagination of every one these days. It has gained immense popularity and is eminently suitable for today’s lifestyle. It is a boon to city dwellers like us who yearn for some greenery but do not have the space to grow trees.  After all, one needs a lot of space to grow trees in the ground and with property rates at such a high premium, very few of us have our own garden at our own dwellings in the high-rise apartment blocks in our cities or can afford the luxury of a farm house or what is popularly known today as a weekend home. In fact, even balcony space is becoming a thing of the past and only a fortunate few have a terrace attached to their house.

The alternative to growing trees in the ground is the growing of Bonsai – Miniature Living Trees. There is no mystery in the miniaturization of plants. The cultivation of bonsai is done by the selective application of common horticultural principles and techniques of gardening. These techniques bring out the natural grace in ordinary plants and create aesthetically acceptable images of trees with all the attributes of a tree in nature. Both the techniques and the products are called bonsai.

Cultivated in small pots which can be placed even in the window grill or on the window sill and balconies– in fact, at any place where there is adequate sunlight — bonsai can be grown in the above mentioned small spaces even by the layman lacking any horticultural training . All you will need is some time, a modicum of common sense and the will to have some greenery in the house ( assuming that a balcony or a terrace is a sunnier extension of the house)

This site is devoted to bonsai – its art amp; science, creation, refinement amp; advancement and above all, the enjoyment amp; appreciation of nature in miniature. It is for the layman, the novice and the expert alike, in fact for all those who would like to keep in touch with nature.

The therapeutic use of bonsai also cannot be denied. Working with your plants, caring for them, creating a thing of infinite timeless beauty all combine to give a feeling of creativity, well-being and act as a great stress reliever, as I can say confidently having had personal experience in the matter.

Welcome then, to the world of BONSAI – MINIATURE LIVING TREES……………….